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Month of Letters Redux: Day 23

Well, with the way things are going on in the world, I’m not sure if the first postcard will reach its recipient in the Ukraine, but here’s hoping. I chose a bookstore postcard since the recipient said they liked books. The second postcard is a meetup card going to someone in Finland who collects meetup cards. And the third is a Beauty and the Beast background going to a Disney fan in Belarus.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 17

The recipient of the first postcard seemed pretty adamant on their preferences for getting postcards that were made in the location from where they were sent (which honestly, I feel is a bit too stringent because there are areas in the world where printing and/or making postcards is impossible). I’m pretty lucky in that one of the publishers that put out postcards, Chronicle Books, is headquartered in San Francisco. Anyways, this first postcard is a moody black and white photograph of the famous Roxie Theater in the Mission District. It’s going to Finland. The second and third postcards are from the most recent National Parks postcard box. The one with Grand Teton is going to a motorcycle enthusiast in Luxembourg and the one with Glacier Bay is going to a nature lover in Germany.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 15

The first postcard comes from a postcard book on Lands End, one of my favorite places in San Francisco. It’s going to an elementary school class in Newfoundland doing a postcard project. The second is for a “space and solar system tag” that is going to French Guiana. It’s part of a postcard box called “Earth and Space” which I got a while back when I saw it on sale. (I typically keep my eye on postcard boxes that I do not have and get them when I see them on sale–this is how I’ve accumulated a large and varied stash that makes it easier to match people’s preferences.) And the third is another Harry Potter postcard for someone who is a fan of that series. The postcard seems a little fuzzy because it’s actually holographic and that doesn’t translate well when scanned. It’s going to Germany.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 14

I don’t know why lighthouses is such a popular collection topic. No one ever asks to collect postcards of caves even though caves are pretty cool. Anyways, the first one is to someone in Germany who likes lighthouses. I’ve never been to that lighthouse, let alone Maine–I had obtained the postcard at a rummage sale knowing that I’d be sending it to one of the numerous lighthouse fanatics in the world eventually. The second is to someone in China who likes travel posters, so I chose some poster art of San Francisco. And the third is being sent to someone in Croatia for a “science tag”. This postcard of a French diagram of a flower is part of a collection called “The Art of Instruction” which was probably one of the first postcard boxes I’ve owned but rarely sent out because it’s not a popular topic.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 10

When I first encountered tokidoki, I was actually surprised that this was only Japanese-inspired but was actually drawn by an Italian. Italians are more well known for their sophisticated sense of style rather than the cute, but who knows. Maybe things are getting mixed up. Anyways, this one is for a “sticker tag” going to Canada–I basically turned the backside of it into a sticker bomb. The second postcard is going to someone in Massachusetts who wants senders to send them postcards that are unique to their hometown. I actually don’t really consider anywhere my hometown because I’ve moved around a lot as a kid so I just went with the general vicinity of where I live now. I chose a card about Lands End because, well, Lands End is cool and it’s not one of the first things people think about when someone says “San Francisco” even though I think the place is pretty iconic. And the third postcard is going to an anime fan in Russia. I honestly couldn’t tell you which anime this is from–it’s just from a batch I got on sale (as usual).

Month of Letters Redux: Day 8

The first card for today is a birthday going to an elderly person in the Czech Republic who apparently doesn’t have any family left so people are asking folks to send them postcards to cheer them up. Unfortunately, the people organizing this say nothing of this person’s interests so I ended up picking a famous still life painting by Paul Cézanne. Let’s hope they don’t hate Post-Impressionism. The second card is going to someone in Italy who only likes tourist cards in envelopes so–I’m sending a tourist card in an envelope. There’s very minimal decoration since in my experience, people who collect tourist cards are pretty old school. And the third postcard is going to someone in Colorado who likes history. What sort of history, they did not say. So let’s hope they don’t get mad at John Adams.

Month of Letters: Day 28

Finally! The last day of this challenge. I think the intent was good, but it takes more time out of your day than what one might expect. I think this would be a great project for people who have more free time than I do. As I’ve mentioned before, after this I’m sticking to doing all my mail on the weekends. If I were to participate again next year, I may reduce it down to one postcard a day. Maybe two.

Anyways, this last batch. The first one is going to someone in Russia who likes local nature scenes–I think I got this one in a tiny convenience store I stopped in while driving around Marin County a while back. The second is going to Belgium to someone who like comics and food (hence the food stamps and decorations and the Superman postcard from the Vintage DC Comics postcard box set put out by Chronicle Books). The third is to an animal lover in France who particularly likes all the animals that I’ve managed to squeeze into this (the postcard is from a set called “The Art of Instruction”). And the fourth is to an old school postcard collector in Germany who had a, um, roundabout way of stating that they didn’t like anything but tourist postcards and no decorations at the back. I also took care to not place any of the stamps over the writing because they specifically didn’t want stickers over any writing. And, you know, all the US stamps are stickers now. They might still not like the stamps, though, because they don’t like art.

Month of Letters: Day 27

First up is a postcard from the Earth and Space postcard box going to someone in Italy for a space tag. The second postcard is one I actually purchased at the San Diego Zoo going to someone in Taiwan for a zoo tag. And the third is also going to someone in Italy who likes bridges. Well, bridges is actually one of their minor preferences. They actually collect postcards with naked ladies on them and since that’s a subject I have no interest in accumulating in my stash, I had to find something else. Also, this person specifically said no cute things–hence the lack of decorations on the back of this postcard. I had to use the plainer stamps because this person also didn’t like flowers. I suppose I could have gone for the ship stamps, but they’re not the specific type of ships this person likes.

Honestly, I feel that my interest in postcards and an old dude’s interest in postcards only intersects at a very technical level.

Month of Letters: Day 25

Seriously, I feel like everything is due this week–hence why I’m later than usual in posting this. The first postcard is going to an Alice in Wonderland fan in the Netherlands. This is actually from a smaller set published by Dover and not the giant 100 Alice in Wonderland set you may have seen floating around. (I don’t plan on purchasing that box set–I don’t know enough people who are fans of it to justify buying so many unless it’s on sale.) The second is an illustrated postcard of my favorite bookstore in San Francisco–Green Apple Books. It’s going to someone in Kazakhstan. And third is a tiger painting by Eugene Delacroix going to a tiger fan in Russia.

Month of Letters: Day 22

First up today is a cat postcard for a cat tag going to someone in Taiwan. And in a related feline tag is a postcard I had originally gotten at a rummage sale of a lynx in the middle of a leap–going to someone in France. And finally, a postcard of the de Young Museum since the German person this is going to had requested local attractions.