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Month of Letters: Day 24

I’m going to reiterate again that I will be glad when this Month of Letters is over. I know the purpose of this is to slow down and communicate with people using a slower medium, but this only works if you unplug from everything else. There’s a reason why I leave writing postcards to the weekend–the rest of the week is just filled with work stuff that seems to multiply overnight.

Anyways, first postcard on this list is going to someone in France who likes Japanese stuff. I’ve also been to Tō-ji Temple before, I particularly remember the visit because it was one of the monthly flea market days and it was raining. The second postcard is to a person in Taiwan who likes butterflies. I had obtained this postcard at a rummage sale–it’s pretty old since the attraction it’s from no longer exists (according to Google, it was replaced with Legoland). And the third postcard is going to someone in Belarus who requested this sent in an envelope. To be honest, I found their profile a little confusing–I think they were requesting postcards that would match some kind of romantic coffeehouse aesthetic theme. I don’t have any coffee postcards on hand right now, so I just picked something else. Hopefully this random illustration will work.

Postcard #155 – Squamish

I haven’t been to Squamish before, but I’d imagine it would be an interesting place to visit, particularly during the summer. I might be back in Vancouver around Christmas time, so if I decided to go there then, it’ll depend on the weather and the conditions of the roads.

As for getting postcards from Canada via Postcrossing–it’s actually kind of rare. It’s the same with Mexico. I think it’s because there aren’t as many people participating in those two countries as it is in the US.