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License Plates Observed

Last year, I was pretty bored being stuck in rush hour traffic so I decided to make my commute a little more productive (or useless, depending on your point of view), by making a note of the location of different license plates. The following figure is a compilation of a year’s worth of data:


There are several caveats about this geographic heat map. Since the observations were done primarily in California, of course the top number of license plates will be California. I also recorded plates from Canada (a couple) and Mexico (mostly from Baja California and about as many as Arizona plates). I actually saw zero North Dakota plates during the observation period, but about one week after the observation period ended, I saw two separate vehicles with North Dakota plates.

I suspect the map would look vastly different if I lived in a different Californian city (particularly one where there is almost no tourism), let alone in a different state.

The most frustrating aspect about the data collection was that sometimes it was impossible to tell where the plate was from because of the way it was mounted on a vehicle. Sometimes the license plate holders would cover all of the license plate except for the alphanumeric code. Occasionally, I could guess fairly confidently what the plate was if the font/color/design matched the default plate of that state, but if someone had a vanity plate, I had no clue. In the cases where I was unsure, I did not record them.

2016 NaNoWriMo Statistics for San Diego

I finished compiling the summary NaNoWriMo statistics for the San Diego region today. The statistics that I do not have are the yearly trends since I was only ML for the region since 2014 and San Diego’s ranking against all the regions in the world. I assume the stats for the regional rankings will come out some time in January after NaNo HQ has their holiday break.

If anyone’s curious as to which California regions beat San Diego in terms of total word count, they were 1) Los Angeles, 2) East Bay, 3) San Francisco, and 4) Sacramento. Sacramento beat San Diego by less than 200,000 words even though they have almost 50 more active writers. So I think San Diego did pretty well.


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2016 NaNoWordSprints Statistics

Here they are, the statistics for @NaNoWordSprints for the curious. If there are any requests for particular stats, let me know in the comments. I may include them in my next analysis (probably next year).

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2016 NaNoWriMo Postcard Swap Statistics

Well, here they are. The statistics for this year’s NaNoWriMo postcard swap. Since I was the one who organized it and collected all the data, I suppose it was up to me to summarize the data for anyone who’s interested. There were a couple people who ended up dropping out, but not enough to skew the overall results.



NaNoWriMo Postcard Swap Statistics (Update 1)

I’ve been organizing this year’s NaNoWriMo postcard swap since, well, why not? I’ve got quite a few people signed up so far and I couldn’t resist looking at the statistics. Here they are the rough stats for the first two weeks of the sign up period:



I’ll probably end up posting more comprehensive statistics and analysis some time in November.