Midpoint and Such

The “halfway point”, the 25,000 word mark, for my Julnowrimo project has come and gone.  Hopefully I will reach 30k by the end of today.  However, I’m still not quite sure what to make of my characters.  I just write and see what comes out–which so far is still quite mysterious.  I’m on track plot-wise though I don’t know about the time line.  It’s been blown to smithereens a while ago since I haven’t been keeping track of what day it is in the story.  Which is sort of strange as the concept of time is beginning to become a theme.

There was a thread in the Julnowrimo forums inquiring about narrative, dialogue, and description–specifically how to tell how much of each of these the writer needs to add to the story.  I personally don’t think there is a right answer to that question.  How much narrative, dialogue or description to add depends on the story and the writer’s style.  But what do I know?  I think I’m still learning the storytelling craft.  Trying to get story pacing right is partly reading other writers to see how they do it and reading your own stuff to see how it flows.  For me, a lot of it is also intuitive.  At any point in a story, I have a gut feeling as to whether narrative, dialogue, or description works best.

Gut feeling probably best describes how I go about doing any sort of writing.  I just do it.  I don’t analyze what I’m writing while I’m writing.  I guess that’s why I find it sort of hard to talk about my own writing process–because much of it isn’t really a conscious process despite how many background notes I make or how well I describe the characters.  All of this is happening somewhere in my mind while I’m typing.  Objectively, the workings of mind is not exciting stuff.  And the more I think about it, I wonder if all this pontificating about process is just pointless.

So pontificating: which brings me to videoblogging about writing.  To be honest, I think vblogging about writing is even more pointless than blogging about writing.  At least with blogging, you’re actually writing.  Making videos is like talking about writing a novel someday rather than writing it.  The last time I checked the Julnowrimo vblogging thread, only a few of the vbloggers were even on their word count targets.  Is this the case of people taking the easy route of blabbing rather than writing?  Maybe.  To be fair, I’ll withhold judgment until the end of the month.  But in general, I have very little patience with talking.  Because if you’re calling yourself a writer, then for goodness sake write rather than talk.